GetDealt Beta Cup Poker Tournament Games Start Promptly at 10:00 PM EST(November 17, 2014)

This page will be updated as information becomes available

Live Stream


You should have already received an email describing the rules of the game. You will receive an Invite Code via email no later than 30 minutes before the game.

If you:

  • Have NOT received an e-mail and would like to participate in the tournament
  • Cannot make the tournament
  • Want to play a practice game to get familiar with the app
  • Have any other question or concern

Please contact William at:
[email protected]

Live Stream

The games will be streamed live from this webpage once the tournament begins. Return within 15 minutes of the game to see the live stream.

In-App Spectators

Each game can be watched in spectator mode from within the GetDealt App. The Invite Code for each game will be available on this website once the game begins. Spectator codes will not be issued until AFTER the games have started. See below for instructions on how to use spectator codes

In-App Replay

Anyone with the GetDealt app can download the replay for each of these games after they have all concluded. See below for instructions on how to use replay codes

Table 1Spectator Code: a d f 8Replay Code: BetaCup
jimv7 1st julieham Hogie
mrphilliphua KY kid kebmo miguel Murph

This information will be updated as it becomes available

How to use spectator codes
  • Inside the GetDealt App
  • From the Dashboard touch the "Menu" Button (top right image)
  • Touch "Account Settings"
  • Touch "Insert Game Key"
  • Insert the code
  • Touch “Submit"
How to use replay codes
  • Inside the GetDealt App
  • From the Dashboard touch the “Join” button (top)
  • Insert the code
  • Touch “Join Game”
  • Game will be available from the Dashboard
  • Touch "Filter" to view game replays